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At a young age Lisa Larian, Designer of Bujii, found herself emotionally captivated by fabrics. As a teen when Lisa worked in her mother’s retail gown store, she allowed the fabrics to have a strong pull on her, fully immersing herself with all five senses. First, a new fabric would draw her in when she’d see a style or design that caught her eye. Then the touch, the way a fabric feels, the texture would instantly give away its type and quality. Finally, the beautiful sounds of the sewing machine, the designer’s interpretation of the fabric, the unique scent a piece has when wearing it, the way it hugs the body. To Lisa, fashion became the extent to which people express themselves. There was only one problem, her own self expression was constantly shifting in and out of trends.

Then Lisa fell in love and started a family of her own. She put her dreams of being a fashion designer on hold, and raised a family of five children, with four daughters! As her daughters grew up she would design clothing for them, especially their dresses for every special occasion. All of her daughters had closets filled with their mom’s craft – lucky them. Her children would be seen in her designs, and people would ask “who made this” and “where can we get this?” Throughout the years, as that question became more common, her children matured and began taking care of themselves, and she finally had time to commit to her dream – fashion.

With a decade of design to fine-tune her look, all her creative muscles strengthened, and her styles quickly forming into statement pieces and making social media videos go viral, Lisa felt a spark in energy and creativity and decided to give birth to her last child, Bujii.

To this day Lisa falls asleep and dreams of new designs, then wakes up and quickly runs to her sewing machine. She still credits her deceased aunt and grandmother for all the designs that come to her in her sleep. She has never styled a design on paper, she likes to feel the fabric, make the cuts & experiment through touch. She tends to stray away from conventional methods. Her styles are meant to make people feel empowered and explorative so they fully express themselves. Aside from the unconventional use of fabrics, LA based Bujii incorporates innovative design of adjustable suspender clips on their tops and gowns – a patent pending technology that, done right, allows her products to hug many different body types all the same.

With Bujii women worry less about dressing to impress others, and dress to express themselves instead.

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