Our Story

Lisa Larian’s mother being a store owner was perhaps the only factor in her success as a fashion designer. She enjoyed spending hours watching her mother play with various patterns, cuts, and colors at the store. Soon, she became the customers’ favorite stylist. She also spent a significant amount of her childhood studying fashion in-depth in an effort to foresee future trends and fashions.

She discovered during her research that none of these trends were random. Nearly all of them were a part of a vast strategy that was carefully planned and carried out by the best designers with the purpose of making people feel beautiful at every stage of their lives while wearing garments that increase their confidence. She knew what she wanted to be after she understood the secret purpose behind each design created by the best designers. Years later, with the official introduction of BUJII, she intends to continue to inspire millions of women worldwide and ensure that they feel beautiful, brave, and confident while using the BUJII suspenders.