As a kid I loved to watch my mom work in her boutique and I soon got involved as a stylist for her customers. I spent my whole life studying fashion, constantly trying to predict what would come in style next. I learned that fashion trends are not random, they are planned by designers who share how they want people to feel. I am the founder and CEO of Bujii, inspiring women to feel bold with Bujii suspenders.

Throughout my time at FIDM, I noticed myself feeling stuck with loss of creative direction. In taking some space from institutionalized education, I soon rediscovered my voice and vision.  I have always been one step ahead of every new trend introduced in the industry. Walking into a fabric store and visualizing potential designs allows me to place less restrictions on my creative developments. 

Women suspenders can completely change the look of an outfit. Take your standard 9-5 work-day attire, throw on a suspender and be set for your night out.

Bujii is the first company to offer women a wide array of fashionable suspenders.

Thank you for your support!
Lisa Larian